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Marjan Adami DDS, Periodontist digital dentistry machine

North Dallas Periodontics & Implant Center, Dr. Adami, utilizes only the most advanced techniques and procedures, with the most current, state of the art equipment, to provide the absolute best care possible, in a comfortable and caring environment. Some of the equipment allows unparalleled diagnostic capability, like her 3-D conebeam volumetric CT machine; while others are simply for your comfort or to improve the overall clinical result or the procedure. This article focuses on the benefits of a piece of equipment that does all 3!

Whenever you need to get a dental impression taken, it seems as though your body’s natural response is to salivate as if you were looking at a 10-course meal from your favorite restaurant prepared by your favorite chef. Second, the goop that is used for dental impressions seems to stick into the back of your throat, stimulating that ever so sensitive gag reflex you have. And finally, the paste sets so strong and so quickly, you’re almost certain the dental hygienist is going to rip out your teeth when he or she removes the impression plate from your mouth!

Oh yes, the joys of traditional dental impressions!

Luckily, the future is now, and if you’re seeing Dr. Adami for your dental implant or other tooth treatment, that future includes digital dentistry. An intraoral scanner is just one of her state of the art equipment in her practice,  which allows her to simply use a wand to sweep over your teeth and instantly translate the image into a digital 3-dimensional model! This highly-advanced dental device quickly and digitally scans your mouth to provide Dr. Adami with an extremely accurate digital scan of your mouth so that dental implants, custom abutments, and screw retained crowns can be made to the exact detail of your mouth’s unique anatomy. And best of yet, there’s no traditional impression or that yucky dental paste involved!

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More About Digital Dentistry

We use digital tools for better accuracy and convenience all the time, whether it be your built-in GPS system while you’re driving your car, the latest advancement in software at work, or the coolest new must-have gadget or device for pleasure. So, why would you choose a tooth care provider who doesn’t offer digital dentistry, which is the best that dentistry has to provide?

Digital Dentistry In Action

Let us give you an example of how digital dentistry works for the benefit of patients. Say, for example, you have come to Dr. Adami’s periodontal practice to get dental implants placed.  With Dr. Adami’s intraoral scanner, we can digitally recreate the exact anatomy of your mouth and teeth, and digitally position the implants within your jawbone using the 3D conebam CT scan to ensure avoidance of dangerous blood vessels and nerves, the mill a surgical guide to ensure the implant(s) is placed exactly as planned, to allow the final crown to not only fit and function perfectly, but also look as aesthetically pleasing as possible. How great is that?!

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